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Diameter: 38mm (37,9mm)
Width: 36,4mm
Weight: 53,5g (52g without caps)
Bearing size: Size-A (5x10x4mm)
Response: Flowable silicone
Caps: 1mm birch plywood (3ply)
Material: 6061 Alu
Finish: Clear ano, blasted finish
Designed in: Norway🇳🇴
Made in: China

DUBB is a collaboration between Visual artist and yoyoer Morten Jensen Vågen aka yoyo_gutten on instagram and “Ullis Toys” aka Ulrik Dybvig -musician, producer, DJ, artist and fan.

This yoyo was born out of necessity. One wild spring day Ulrik visited me to show me som heavy dub records. I did not have a 45-record adapter at home, and he struggled to center his records without an 45-adapter, and I just stood there yoyoing. He looked at me and said “we should make a yoyo-record adapter”. And we did. After 6 months of making drawings, mock-ups, ordering protos, failing, and rethinking we finally made it work. I have made many wooden yoyos in the past, but never in metal, and never with digital tools. So the goal was to make a yoyo that could work for both beginners and unresponsive yoyoers. It’s the perfect pocket yoyo, and if you are a DJ you will never forget your 45-adapters again. I have already had good use for it at record shops where they dont have record adapters on the listening stations.

We did not want to make this feel like a gimmick yoyo. The design and weight distribution is well thought through, and we wanted to maximise the format by putting as much weight around the rims as possible within the 38mm format. Weight is close to center and makes it stable for regens and you can even shoot the moon with if the bearing is lubed! Caps are easy to remove if you just want a killer pocket yoyo.

*Will work on most turntables, maximum spindle length is 13mm. Can be solved with thicker slipmat if you have a turntable with a very long spindle. (most turntable have shorter than 13mm spindle)

*Shipping and handling: €15 worldwide. No tracking because Norwegian shipping prices are crazy. Contact us if you still want to pay for tracking.

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