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A fairly slim, hollow body, high wall, small bearing and lightweight yoyo. The goal was to make a unique feeling yoyo with specifications that are unusual for modern designs. The small A-bearing makes the yoyo spin fast on soft throws compared to most C-bearing yoyos, and the lightweight body makes it move quick and effortlessly through tricks if wanted. The walls are slightly angled to make less friction on the string, especially for unresponsive play. The yoyo comes with a stock lubed flat bearing, and red RTV-silicone, perfect for responsive play.

As a Norwegian I wanted to implement some Scandinavian roots into the design. The cup of the yoyo is based on the Swedish SKF wheel shaped yoyos from the 80’s, considering the shape of the cup and the industrial writings along the rim.

The earthy color tones represent a Scandinavian design color palette, inspired by nature and natural materials. They are also compatible with each other for half swaps.

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