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OutofHand - Limbo

The Limbo is a reversible yoyo inspired by designs from the late 90s yoyo craze. It can switch between three different shapes within seconds, and each configuration has a different gap width ranging from 3 – 3.5mm for different play. The response grooves are filled with clear flowable silicone on both sides.

The weight of the yoyo feels right for its shape, not too heavy for responsive and not too light for unresponsive. It handles both unresponsive 1a play and modern responsive play. The round shape, which is inspired by the Coca Cola ellipse yoyo made by Russell, feels soft in hand and fits comfortable in all pockets.

**Check instagram @0utofhand for more pictures**

Note: Limbo "Diet Clear" being sold for a reduced price! Unfortunatly almost all of the clear colored Limbos have a few tiny light scratches on the rim. It took me over three weeks before I noticed it, so it's really hard to see if you don't know about it. Does not affect play at all, so this is a perfect chance to get yourself a unique yoyo for a reduced price!


Diameter – 56mm
Width – ≈ 34mm max width (depends where you measure from)
Weight – 57g
Bearing size – D (not lubed)
Axle – 10mm
Response – flowable silicone (for easy customizability)
Gap width – slim set up ≈ 3mm, wide set up ≈ 3.5mm
Construction – hollow press fit
Material – 6061aluminium
Finish – matte, anodized

-The yoyo ships from Norway in a bubble envelope

-No tracking available!

-Currently no other shipping method available

-Shipping 5-9 working days from Norway to any country outside Europe, according to the Norwegian post office, but might take longer.

-All sales final

-Don't bite

(Designed in Norway, made in China)

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